code of ethics  

The Australian Colonic Hydrotherapy Association Incorporated has been formed to offer membership to the Colon Hydrotherapy professionals using closed and open colonic system. We are aware of the different services of the profession has to offer And have set aside some of the laws to be upheld by every joining member to make the environment and the awareness of colon hydrotherapy achieve the respect it deserves.

  • The service that each member has to offer is the individual clients health and safety first.
  • There will be regular communication and educational support from the Association to its members.
  • We will unite and share all our experience and knowledge with other colon hydrotherapists.
  • We will give further updates on the health care system and its changes and follow through with their changes in the system of colon hydrotherapy and the skin penetration act.
  • We do not find prejudice against another Colon Hydrotherapist using different styles of colon Hydrotherapy systems and find benefits in both the open and closed system.
  • We will continue to promote the coming together of the Australian Colon Hydrotherapy Association and welcome others in their thirst for knowledge and to be the best that they have to offer to each individual person and themselves.


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The registered date of the Association was the 1st August 2003 and the incorporation no. is INC9880211.