• The use of initials "M.A.C.H.A" "Member of the Australian Colonic Hydrotherapy Association Incorporated or R.T registered therapist.
  • Non-voting attendance at Association meetings.
  • Availability of guidance during first year of practice.
  • Inclusion and introduction on Referral list including website , literature and advertising in Australia .
  • Newsletters sent quarterly of updates on clinics, centers, procedures, and testimonials.
  • Insurance with Marsh Pty. Ltd if you state one other modality.
  • An Association Membership validation card issued annually.
  • Voting attendance at Association General Meetings.
  • Membership referral list updated quarterly.
  • Circulation of membership referral list in response to media-generated enquiries.
  • Association representation will be joined to Umbrella bodies.
  • Association membership eligibility to network facilities outside Australia .
  • Disclaimer forms made available to practitioners by A.C.H.A
  • Contract forms made available to centers or clinics for colon therapists to sign for the protection of files
  • And ethical conduct kept in place. When a colon therapist decides to leave the existing premises.

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The registered date of the Association was the 1st August 2003 and the incorporation no. is INC9880211.