The ACHA has been formed in response to the increasing need for a holistic approach to health. Australians are seeking to regain control of their lives and achieve freedom through healing. It is our intention to support colon hydrotherapists ('our members') to work together and promote colon health to other natural therapists and the general public. This can be achieved by establishing a solid industry in Australia governed by Australian laws and regulations and administered with qualified therapists experienced in complimentary modalities to achieve optimum health care.

Thorough Australian training is perpetuating an industry of best qualified practitioners delivering a high standard of work. Overseas visitors who receive colonics in Australia comment on the quality of our procedures and the additions of nutritional advice and massage complete a positive experience on par with the rest of the world. Australians should recognise the excellence and style of a technique that has received praise from people all around the world. We have reached a time where it is essential to have an Association where these methods can be learned and share by students and practitioners of alternative health medicine.


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The registered date of the Association was the 1st August 2003 and the incorporation no. is INC9880211.