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International School Of Colon Hydrotherapy

Offering extensive training in practical and theory, this certificate will guarantee your knowledge and on completion of this course, help you feel confident so you can treat any client.  

Certified practitioners, will automatically have membership to the Australian Colonic Hydrotherapy Association - ACHA. Certification will allow you to have insurance before you practice.  

Anna Paredes of the Colon Care Centre Pty. Ltd. and the President of the Australian Colonic Hydrotherapy Association will be conducting the classes. The criteria requirement from the students is that they are members of the ATMS and registered practitioners in other modalities.

Colon Hydrotherapy Course Outline:

-International School of Colon Hydrotherapy-

Introduction: 2 days of Theory:

Manuals and Slides to assist visual explanation

  1. I-ACT - Colon Hydrotherapy Manual
  2. Anatomy & Physiology of the Digestive System and its partner organs
  3. Colon Hydrotherapy Nutritional Assessment Clinical Application
  4. Colon Hydrotherapy Combined with Nutrition for the Digestive System
    • History and Popular Objections to Colonics
    • Professional Backing
    • The Cellular System
    • Water!
    • The thinking brain and the Feeling brain
    • Meet the Colon
    • Structural Restrictions
    • The Endocrine System
    • The Valves of the digestive system
    • Toxicity causes kidney problems
    • Working with the medical profession to assist nature
    • Catarrhal Colitis
    • The lymphatic system
    • Our Genes
    • Constipation
    • Fasting
    • Friendly Bacteria
    • Hydrotherapy Prescription
    • How is the Treatment Given?
    • Bibliography
  5. Book- TP004
    • Unit One: Colon Hydrotherapy
    • Unit Two: Special Conditions
    • Unit Three: Implants


Course Outline:
Instructor Anna Paredes

  • 3 days of Practical Training
  • Theory work applied in practice.
  • Clients offered to each student over the 3 days - Exam and revision set on the 3rd day prior to practical training.

Practical Attendance:

3 days of Practical Training

  • The colonic procedure-Step by Step procedure
  • Nutrition Guidelines put into practice through diagnosis
  • Nutritional programs and how to fast with results
  • Diagnosis through the colonic treatment-how to identify digestive problems
  • How to see and treat Candida
  • Communication Skills with key words in Marketing Colonics
  • Setting up your Colonic Environment.

Cost of Course Outline:  $2,500.00

If you have not completed your Anatomy & Physiology modules in a Diploma course before
for any current other modality? There is also availability to further your Education by completing modules supplied by the International School of Colon Hydrotherapy.


Module 1 - Anatomy & Physiology Study Guide part 1

Module 2 - Anatomy & Physiology II -  is comprised of:

  • Biochemistry Lesson Plan,
  • Biochemistry Study Guide,
  • Pathology 1 Lesson Plan,
  • Pathology 2 Lesson Plan,
  • Pathology 3 Lesson Plan

Module 3 - Dietary Nutritional Science Study Guide (Optional: the practice Management Module)


Have you been thinking of setting up your own colonic business and don't have the time? The International School of Colon Hydrotherapy can assist with any of your needs as a consultant any where in Australia.  


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