Bringing people back to basics and nature. Making life a lot easier than what we see it to be, is the main focus to cleansing the body.

Majority of the world’s population is suffering from some form of bowel problem. Due to our lifestyle, we are all in some way or another, being emotional or physically stressed. We notice our muscles a lot tighter hence neck, shoulder and back pain, our skin starts to blemish and become dry showing signs of premature aging. One too many alcoholic drinks after work or during weekdays not to mention week ends, innocently having in mind to relax and unwind without unfortunately knowing the consequences.

Brings us back to the consequences of this drawn out lifestyle.- Depression, starts to set in, now we are taking anti-depressants to chemically balance our brain. Choloesterol tablet, Heart tablets etc. All of this in combination leads to digestive problems involving our whole digestive system, our liver, gallbladder,pancreas, stomach and intestinal tract. In the end we are the reason for our resulted problems.

If only we could start our life all over again, a fresh new start wouldn’t that be nice. The thought of cleaning ourselves internally would have crossed every one’s mind in the past or may be going through our mind in the present. Either being our blood stream, liver or bowel.

This is where colonics step in. The focus is to clean the bowel, to aleveate pressure on the liver and thus the liver is able to support the blood stream efficiently and help each cell in our body benefit. Our skin and body show signs of improvement without it taking years to approach this new way of living life.

This is a list below showing signs and symptoms of the bowel, liver, lymphatic and bloodstream problems.

Incomplete eliminations
Bowel motions every 2nd or 3rd day
Extended abdomen
Digestive problems
Nausea due to accumulation of toxins
Headaches and migranes
Lack of concentration-foggy head
Skin Disorders
Chronic Fatigue
Fatty liver – due to increase of alcohol And sugar intake Circulation problems Candida – with a combination of the above Symptoms Parasite elimination.

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