Frequently asked questions  
  Why do people have colonics?

They might be suffering from different ailments within their body. Such as: Backache, Headaches, Bad breath, Bloating, White coated tongue, Candida, Thrush, Gas, Arthritis, Indigestion, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Skin Problems, Sinus or Lung conditions, Loss of concentration, Depression, Parasites, Fatigue, Weight Loss.

What will I expect from Colon Hydrotherapy?

Many clients have reported higher energy levels, clearer skin, brighter eyes, and relief from gas and bloating. Improved circulation, and concentration with a clearer mind. Bowel motions improve to every day sometimes twice a day depending on how well the bowel worked before colonics.

How far does the tube go in?

There is a catheter that is inserted only into the rectum. The catheter is designed to be the exact same length as your rectum. Once the sphincter muscle is relaxed, the catheter fits like a glove and it is made adequately comfortable for the body.

Does it hurt?

There is no real pain felt with colonic irrigation, there is slight discomfort when the bowel is extremely bloated, but once it leaves the body in its elimination there is a sense of relief. Prior to your colonic appointment it is advised by the receptionist or colon therapist making your colonic appointment to prepare 1 or 3 days prior to your appointment by eliminating certain foods that promote gas formation for the relief of stress in the digestive tract.

How will I feel after the treatment? Am I well enough to drive home?

Colon Hydrotherapy, is just that. The therapist will hydrate your bowel in order to rid toxins and fecal matter moving out of the body, so there's a feeling of relief. There is no anesthetic used to undergo a colonic procedure. You actually feel better than when you walked in.

What will be advised to you is that you do have something to eat prior to your colonic appointment and this will enable your glucose levels to be nice and balanced so you don't feel nauseous, because a colonic will allow the digestive tract to move impacted food down towards the bowel, so the stomach will feel a lot emptier, some people have experienced feeling hungry afterwards.
Reminder: Fasting is not suggested, unless you have a vegetable juice for breakläst or quite a few before the end of the day if scheduling a late appointment.

How long does a session last?

An entire colonic treatment will last 40-60mins. Allowing some time for the bowel to eliminate completely of any water it might be holding on to. This is removed in the toilet facilities.

Do you use disposable equipment?

Yes, all the tubing and catheter used is sanitary and disposed of after each use. The tubing and catheter is pre packed by our suppliers and opened also disposed of in front of each client.

Do you use filtered water?

The water introduced into the body circulates through 4 filters to maximize the filtration benefits.

Are you a registered nurse?

There are registered nurses in the industry, but the most important factor is that the therapist is fully trained in colon hydrotherapy and exhibiting their certificate on the wall of the therapy room showing clinic hours trained in practical and theory. For registered nurses they too have to have the same quality training in colon hydrotherapy. Nutrition plays an important role in bringing the body back into balance and allowing the client to take control of their own life.

Can I have a colonic procedure prior to my Colonoscopy?

Absolutely, to ensure a thorough cleanse with practicality made easy for your Gastro-interologist in a better visual determination of polyps or diverticulitis etc. Especially when you have experienced unsatisfactory results from the glycopreps.

How often should I have a colon hydrotherapy treatment?

Initially it is recommended 3-6 visits to hydrate and loosen accumulated waste. After that, it really depends on you. If you want to detoxilSr and cleanse your entire system, rid yourself of parasites, or achieve a high level of health, more sessions are recommended. After you have gained benefits from your cleanses it would be advised not to allow this accumulation to develop and debilitate you again. Your body will let you know to eliminate what has accumulated once every 3 months after your last procedure.

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